Rebecca Daniel

Founder and Director

Rebecca is an award-winning social entrepreneur, a qualified Teacher of English and Literacy, an accredited and qualified Transformation Coach, Neuro Lingusitic Programming and DISC Behaviour and Personality Practitioner.

Rebecca entered the education sector twelve years ago and worked in a secondary comprehension school as a Teacher of English and Literacy whilst engaging in other teaching and learning leadership responsibilities. She is highly experienced in developing literacy, coaching and mentoring teachers, performing data analysis duties which focus on raising attainment and supporting schools.

After a twelve-year career in the classroom and obtaining a MA in Education, Rebecca launched The Jigsaw Company towards the end of her maternity leave. As a social enterprise, The Jigsaw Company is split into two divisions and was purely established to transform the lives of people through powerful and transformational coaching, mentoring, teaching and training.

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Rebecca helps heart-centered and purpose driven entrepreneurs and professionals to thrive in their careers, create impactful and sustainable growth and live a fulfilled life. Rebecca has experienced first-hand the ups and downs, ins and outs of working in the education sector and uses her experiences to coach other professionals to love their jobs and find a smooth integration between home and work whilst also living a life full of fun, freedom, flexibility and fulfilment.

Rebecca is the founder and curator of an online network of 600 entrepreneurs and professionals. Rebecca has grown the community to support entrepreneurs in their business to combat the loneliness of self-employment and support all members with goal setting, planning and accountability whilst addressing other obstacles through memberships, coaching and in-person events.

Through The Jigsaw Company (Jigsaw Education CIC), as a qualified teacher Rebecca supports young people by developing their literacy skills through fun, engaging, innovative teaching and learning strategies. Through her workshops, programmes and events Rebecca is passionate about developing competencies and dispositions and raising awareness of the various social issues impacting our communities. Rebecca strives to provide individuals with a skill for life to enable them to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

When Rebecca isn’t playing dress-up with her ‘threenager’ or covered in playdough and paints, she can be found in the local cinema watching the latest superhero or action films with her fiancé. As a travel enthusiast, Rebecca enjoys learning about other cultures and travelling has always been on her list of priorities. She has visited various destinations including: backpacking around China and climbing the Great Wall, to trekking up Mount Vesuvius in Italy and visiting the indigenous Berber community in Morocco and Tunisia. On her trip through North Africa Rebecca’s mother was offered camels in exchange for her daughter’s hand in marriage - luckily, Rebecca safely made it back to the UK unwed and camel-free.


Michaela Crothall

Associate Director

In 2017, after entering the world of motherhood, Rebecca enlisted the support of fellow Mumpreneur and Literacy ‘partner in crime’ Michaela.


Together they are true advocates and visionaries of Literacy development and work together to tackle the widespread Literacy issue. 

Michaela is currently studying a degree in English alongside training to become a qualified secondary school English teacher.


She is a valuable asset as she is able to create engaging and challenging sessions which target the needs of specific learners.


Not only is Michaela able to tailor her planning to accommodate the needs of others but she is able to build relationships with learners which is invaluable.


Sime Dosanjh

SEND Consultant

Sime Dosanjh, a qualified SENCO and Maths specialist has been part of our team since the very start.


With extensive experience working across primary and secondary schools Sime found a passion in special educational needs and has since continued to develop her knowledge by attending Designated Safeguarding Lead training as well as training as an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA).


These training and professional development courses have allowed Sime to gain a vast amount of knowledge and practice in working with individuals who require extra support.


She has been able to gain insight in how to best support learners based on individual needs but also support them with specific competencies and dispositions such as: self-esteem and team work.