Festive Holiday Literacy Activities

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Because we are all still living through a pandemic, it might be a little bit more difficult to feel the Christmas spirit in the air. But do not despair, there are a multitude of holiday activities to support your child’s literacy that you can do from the comforts and safety of your home.

Handmade Seasons Greeting Cards

Writing and sending greeting cards is a great way to reach out and keep in touch with loved ones. Add a personal touch to your holiday greetings this year by having your little ones write a heartfelt message to your relatives.

One way you can do this is by working with them to create a Christmas message. This could be in the form of a reflection of the year, or a lesson or realisation they would like to share. The point of this would be to spend love, and cheer - anything that would give the recipient of the letter a warm fuzzy feeling we all crave this time of the year.

Provide prompts to help spur some ideas, such as:

What is something new you learned this year?

What does Christmas mean to you?

What are you thankful for this year?

Another way you can do this is have your child create personalised Christmas letters to certain members of your family. This is a great opportunity to practice letter writing (or email writing), express themselves, and communicate with others.

Letter to Santa

Here’s a sneaky way to get your kids to practice letter writing, and find out what they really want for Christmas: have them write a letter to Father Christmas!

More than just getting your children to write a list of all the things they want this year, this is a wonderful opportunity to get them to think about what the holiday season is really about. Of course there’s the lighthearted aspect of it - presents! But you can also have them reflect on the year’s blessings, write about lessons learned, list their good deeds, or contemplate on what they are thankful for this year.

Then you can all have fun getting creative and decorating these Christmas cards. Send these out in the post, or post them online for your friends and relatives to admire.

Create your own Christmas Carol

Here’s one for the musical creatives: why not challenge your children to come up with a holiday carol? You can help them write out the words, and even practice and perform it in front of friends and family during your Christmas gathering.

You can take a favorite Christmas Carol, tweak the tune, and change up the lyrics. Have fun trying to figure out words that rhyme and toy around with festive holiday themes. If you want, you can even accompany it with an instrument, and perform it at your Christmas gathering, or record it to share with your friends online.


Reading is a fun, interactive activity that improves literacy skills.

There are a number of holiday themed books available this time of the year that provide wonderful, heartfelt messages that showcase what the holiday season is all about. You can also pick up books that explore how the holidays are celebrated around the world.

You can read these books with your kids and have them practice reading out loud. Delve deeper into these stories by asking your kids to retell or summarise the story, or ask questions to test their understanding of what they just read.

Put on a play

This might be a bit of a challenge, but this could be a fun activity to do, with everyone in the family playing a role. With technology, we have all the tools available to create an awesome online performance, one that you can record, edit, and send out to friends and family as digital greetings.

There are a multitude of stories to tell this festive season! You can go traditional and recreate the nativity and the story of Christ Jesus’ birth. You can also put a spin on your family’s favourite holiday story. Of course, if you’re tired of the Christmas tales of old, you and your kids could come up with your own story to tell. There are dozens of Christmas themes to explore, and many ways to share them.

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