Benefits of Online Group Tuition

With schools closing due to the global pandemic and the advancements of technology, more and more parents, teachers, and students are looking into the possibilities of online group tuition. Read on to learn about the benefits of learning in a group dynamic using an online platform.

Collaboration: In a group learning setting, students have the opportunity to interact with and collaborate with their peers. One major advantage of. a group dynamic is the students’ ability to ask for help from their peers. Students develop teamwork by figuring out how to work with other people, and by taking accountability for their actions by reflecting on how their participation contributes to the success of the group. It is a great way for students to learn from each other, in a fun, interactive manner, and helps them focus their efforts on achieving a common goal.

Social Engagement: With the lockdowns in place for so long, it is no surprise that students are missing the social interaction they used to get from their activities in the classroom and the playground. Technology has allowed us to interact with one another through different platforms, which means students can speak, see each other, and work on projects and assignments as they would in the classroom. It may not make up for students seeing their friends and schoolmates face-to-face, but it does bring a semblance of that interaction that could ease the loneliness and isolation brought about by having to stay at home.

Wellness: Group learning can be enjoyable and can reduce anxiety brought on by one-on-one learning. When students are working individually with a tutor, they may be self-conscious or embarrassed to ask for help. In a group setting, students can learn from each other and be more open to asking for help when they see that others are doing it as well. With other students in the room working on a common goal, students gain new insights on the lesson, focus less on their own insecurities, and are motivated by each other to complete the task at hand.

New Avenues for Learning: The advancements in technology have opened a range of new learning opportunities. Today’s children have access to a plethora of learning resources that are literally at the tip of their fingertips. By stepping out of the traditional classroom and onto these online learning platforms, students are provided with a lot of different avenues to express their creativity through videos, blogs, podcasts, writing, interactive apps, and websites. Online group learning is a way to get students working independently and collaboratively. The 21st century learner is equipped with diverse skills, which now includes the ability to navigate the online universe. Students are able to access their classes and materials online, and complete assignments on non-traditional learning platforms with minimal supervision.

Security: With the global pandemic still raging, online group tuition classes allow students to learn from the comfort and safety of their homes. Not only does it ensure that students continue their learning and don’t fall behind on their classes, they get to do it without the threat of acquiring the deadly virus. Moreover, comfort and familiarity can have a positive impact on promoting meaningful learning by allowing students to be at ease in an environment that keeps them away from things that may be distressing or distracting.

The innovations of technology have allowed us multiple avenues for learning in this modern age, despite the challenges brought upon by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the spirit of moving forward, group learning is one fitting option to address the needs of the 21st century learner, ensuring that learning does not stop just because it has to be done from home. It also makes sure that learning remains engaging, interactive, and meaningful.

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