We offer a selection of educational services to enhance the academic and social needs of young people.


Our services are tailored to engage learners and incorporate fun and interactive learning activities, 21st century ‘hands on’ teaching and learning styles and active participation. As a social enterprise we strongly believe in involving our learners in the ‘learning journey’ and we passionately believe that learning has more of an impact if individuals are actively included in the process. Each service enhances vital competencies (skills) and dispositions (behaviours) such: resilience, self-esteem, leadership, perseverance, initiative, communication and team work etc.


At The Jigsaw Company, our primary focus is to provide our learners with transferable skills that they can not only apply to the education system but skills that can benefit them in the wider society.

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If you're looking for home tuition for your child then look no further. We offer 1:1 personalised support and group tuition from KS1 to GCSE.



We strongly believe it is our social responsibility to give back to society. We work with schools, trusts and social organisations.


We are here to support you in creating fun and exciting events to help raise awareness of the importance of developing literacy skills.

One of our core aims at The Jigsaw Company is to involve the learner as Writer and Philosopher Benjamin Franklin expressed: 

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."