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Camp Jigsaw

At Camp Jigsaw will work on developing children's literacy skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) through interactive and fun activities. 

Sessions are delivered by experienced and qualified educators, all with outstanding references and fully DBS checked.

Throughout the camp young people will not only work on developing their literacy skills but they will also develop their: Team Building, Communication, Leadership, Confidence, Resilience, Mindset, InitiativeTime ManagementCreativity, Health and Well-being plus much more... 

Rainbow and Waterfall

Silver Lining

This programme does exactly what it says on the tin – it provides a new outlook and a fresh start for young people who are looking to make positive steps in society.


We aim to empower a group of young people by implicitly developing their Literacy skills and preparing them for employment or life in society.


A combination of reading, writing and oracy strategies will be explored and enhanced whilst developing key competencies and dispositions such as: resilience, team work, communication and leadership.

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Educating through Enterprise 

Working closely with schools and local authorities we work with potential students who are at risk of becoming NEETs and collaborate with teachers and other agencies to prepare them for life outside of school and entering the ‘real-world’.


This programme encourages learners to consider entrepreneurial pathways and pitch ideas to the panel of judges. Whilst doing so, learners will develop their oracy skills, enhancing their communication and developing their ability to discuss, share ideas and communicate thoughts and feelings effectively.

* NEET: a young person who is no longer in the education system and who is not working or being trained for work.

Girls Building Robot Creative Liteacy

Primary (Upper KS2 - Year 6)

Kick Start Programme

Preparing and transitioning young children for the next step in their education journey: moving from primary to secondary education is a vital period.


Working with year six students we will develop their Literacy skills in reading, writing and oracy providing them with an insight into secondary education.

The programme will include at least one excursion where learners will be able to explore life outside of the classroom and develop their social and communication skills.

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Literacy is Life Programme

This signature programme has been designed to address key skills in reading, writing and oracy.


It has been specifically tailored to engage learners and incorporate fun and interactive learning activities, 21st century ‘hands on’ teaching and learning styles and active participation.


This programme has been designed to cater to all abilities: supporting the lower ability students, stretching the middle ability learners and challenging the most able students.

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If you have a specific idea or topic you would like us to focus on we'd be more than happy to hear from you.

Our bespoke services do cost more than our standard signature programmes; however, we will ensure your specific goals are achieved to a high standard.

Please get in touch with us to have an informal, no-obligation discovery call with our Founder and Director, Rebecca Daniel.

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